About Us

In few words

Italy Creative is a DMC agency, which has been in operation for several years. It is the original brainchild of experts in tourism, and those in other fields, who share the main objective of creating projects in Italy – the love and passion for Italy continuosly feeds this project.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide excellent services for our clients.


Our vision is made of a passion for Italy!


Who we are

Italy Creative is a DMC agency that covers the whole Italian territory and has strong partnerships with the main Italian suppliers.

What we do

We offer unique creative services and ensure the best travel solutions for, among other things, the organization of incentive groups (MICE), business travel, luxury travel, leisure travel, atelier and courses, and tailor-made tours.

Why us

We have gathered competencies and skills in different fields and made them available to our customers. All of us share the same passion and commitment to transforming our customers’ stays in Italy into unforgettable experiences. This is the reason we are so proud of having transformed our passion into a job, and we are also grateful for all our partners for their daily work in helping us turn our customers’ dreams into reality.

Italy Creative is this

C: we design Italian itineraries with creativity
R: we cultivate a strong relationship with our Customers
E: we are committed to offering the excellence in travel
A: we are active and pro-active in our daily work
T: we are a team in search of innovation to enhance your stay
I: we have plenty of initiative
V: we do our best to transform your dream into a vibrant journey
E: we create emotional experiences to remember


  • Customer satisfaction is our priority
  • We care about Your Travel Dream
  • We love what we do
  • We’re flexible and agile
  • We have plenty of initiative
  • We listen, we discuss, and advise
  • We bring enthusiasm to every travel project
  • We’re experienced professionals
  • We are committed to quality
  • We are detail-addicted


Destination Management Company


Incoming Tour Operator


Dream-makers vacation


Travel planners


Luxury tailor-made tours


What is Italy Creative?

Italy Creative a DMC agency and, at the same time, the realization of a dream.
This project is the brainchild of one single person, helped by the contributions of a dedicated team composed of different professional skills; ranging from Tourism; Marketing; Communications; Food; and Multimedia. They are all linked by a passion for Italy, and by a desire to let you see our Italy Creative!
Italy Creative’s team is similar to the brain: the left brain takes care of logistical elements while the right brain side is deputed to the creativity. The combination of passion, creativity, professionalism of the whole team contributed to the development and growth of Italy Creative

Why Choose Us?

Who we are

Passionate about Italy and Expert Travel Designer

With an idea, a conversation, the desire to get in the game and transform my passion with a new lifestyle, and to learn more about the beauty of my country – Italy Creative is the result. After graduating from High School, I attended several seminars on tourism at the University, in Milan. I, then, started to apply knowledge and passion as I began to work in the tourism industry.
My passion for my country helped me to shape my choice. I have gained expertise from more than 10 years as organizer of tours, itineraries, planner of incentives and congresses. I love to create unforgettable itineraries, taking care of every detail. I’m optimistic and can problem solve in any situation.

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Passionate about Wine and Food Expert

Italy is a mix of cultures, aromas, colors. As well as a lot of art, entertainment and contradictions. The fashion and food play an important role too. That is how I see Italy. 37 years old, with a degree in Food Science and Technology, I first gained work experience in the restaurant industry and, later, expanded my experience along the entire food chain.
I am passionate about wine and food, I am always looking for quality products and genuinely traditional manufacturers – far from standardized industrial processes when creating produce.

 more about Fabio

Passionate about Marketing and Experienced Travel Expert

I always saw Italy as the most beautiful country in the world. Italy Creative is a project and, at the same time, a mission. A project that offers comprehensive and creative tours, locations and experiences. It provides great attention to the smallest detail – this is the outcome of years of experience and expertise.
It is hard to describe the emotion, the wonder and the joy I have always felt in front of a painting by Botticelli, a statue by Michelangelo, the innovations of Leonardo da Vinci, admiring the ruins of the Colosseum, standing in the middle of the Piazza San Marco in Venice, admiring monuments such as the Duomo in Milan, landscapes of Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast.

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