Amalfi Coast special tour

Amalfi Coast special tour


Furore is also known as “the town that doesn’t exist”, for its urban layout characterized by scattered villages surrounded by terraced vineyards.


The town’s name derives from the praia, or beach, from the Latin word pelagium, meaning “open sea.” Praiano had an important local silk industry, however, it disappeared during the 19th century. With the discovery of corals in the vicinity around the 1800s, Praiano’s economy was revitalized, mainly focusing on the fishing and tourism industries ever since. One popular attraction is the Church of San Luca Evangelista, dating back to 1123. Another attraction is the Church of San Giovanni Battista, featuring a well-preserved maiolica tiled floor, dating back to the 12th-13th centuries.


Positano isone of the best known places of the Amalfi coast for its picturesque staircases, whitewashed houses following the natural course of the mountain and creating a vertical landscape.


Amalfi is the town that gives its name to the coast, is situated at the mouth of the Valle dei Mulini.

Amalfi Coast special tour

A special tour: Naples | Sorrento | Positano | Amalfi

Meeting with the tour guide and departure by de luxe coach or private limousine to Sorrento. The road winds through small and picturesque villages like Praiano, Furore. Stop in Sorrento, a beautiful city of the Amalfi coast, famous its his Limoncello. Then we will reach a viewpoint of the Sorrentine Peninsula where you can enjoy the beautiful view over the Volcano Vesuvius. Continue to the romantic city of Positano where a special welcome drink will be served in a fascinating location. Continue to Amalfi, the last stop of this special tour.

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