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  • Ateliers & Courses

    A selection of ateliers and courses …Italy Creative has decided to dedicate this space to different ateliers & courses strongly tight to the Italian culture, gastronomy and art.

  • Creative Ateliers

    Tailor made Atelier for your Art Therapy hands-on!

  • Photography

    Photography to involve and fascinate you ...

  • Culinary Ateliers

    Cooking, tasting wine and more… our culinary ateliers are all hands-on and not just boring theoretical classes! Everyone gets involved in the making of the meals so everyone can learn and have fun.

Ateliers & Courses

Italy Creative has decided to dedicate this space to different ateliers & courses strongly tight to the Italian culture, gastronomy and art. It is an opportunity to learn, recognize and narrate yourself through creative activities and guided by professionals who will help you improve the knowledge of your natural talent in taking photos, cooking and learn appreciate different types of wine, exercise your Italian and learn the Italian language while performing any of your preferred activity.

We decided to combine the beauty of our land with the knowledge and the desire to learn while you get also involved. All ateliers and courses we propose are designed by professionals and are suitable for everyone. They may also fit corporate leisure activity and team building to better match and engage the team through one of these activities and help them to grow professionally. Most of the courses can be carried out in any Italian city,  even on tour roadshow, in this way you will be able to travel and learn at the same time.

Our professionals are also able to involve so many enthusiasts and researchers to interact with and involve institutions and organizations responsible for the artistic and cultural heritage management, that lead you to enjoy, in addition to the roadshow courses, itinerant photographic workshops in the cities of art. They have created a careful selection of ateliers and courses to help to promote Italian culture, gastronomy, art and its renowned extraordinariness to the entire world.

Special: videomaker service

Italy Creative can also provide a professional videomaker to accompany you and capture your dream travel, event, workshop, team building experience, incentive trip, backstage. The video is delivered on DVD or USB as your recall.

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