The month of August is the month of holiday for Italians. August is the month to enjoy the cities of art, in small towns, on the beaches or in the cool of the mountains. Italy Creative recommends a tour in the cities of art and in smaller centers to attend local and unique events. Charter a yacht and discover the thrill of live Italy from the sea! Sardinia, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Romagna, Puglia, Liguria are waiting to be discovered. You can also combine the holiday with an event even more special as the wedding by choosing from the wonderful locations that are located in Italy.

Fairs & Exhibitions & Events

Palio del Golfo, a rowing race between the 13 maritime villages that border the Bay of La Spezia

MICAM: international exhibition of footwear

Ravello Festival: a series of concerts, talks and performances takes place in the beautiful town of Ravello on the Amalfi coast; many of the concerts are on the outdoor Belvedere, a gorgeous spot in the famed Villa Rufolo with a backdrop of the sea

Fairs & Exhibitions & Events

Festa dei Candelieri – The festival of the candle, a race with teams of men bearing huge and very heavy candles.

Settimane Musicali di Stresa, 4 weeks of concerts in Stressa on Lago Maggiore

The Duke’s Festival: medieval music, shows, poetry readings and a Middle Ages-style crafts market

Ask for the detailed program!

Some of our Shopping & Glamour ideas

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