June is the right month to go beyond Italy’s big three – Rome, Milan and Venice – to find idyllic destinations with a rich mix of architectural gems, enchanting countryside and beautiful beaches. Besides this month brings many festivals even in smaller villages. You may wish to play golf? Nothing easier. We also recommend a cruise or a luxury charter yacht to relax in one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia, Sicily, Amalfi Coast that await you!

Fairs & Exhibitions & Events

Palio di San Giovanni culminating with a beautiful infiorata, spectacular flower petal art displays

  • Fashion show Pret-à-porter Man
  • Happy Hour and fashion show dedicated to golf

International Ceramics Festival

Costumed procession of over 400 people and streets are decorated with flowers

Ask for the detailed program!

Fairs & Exhibitions & Events

  • Il Gioco del Ponte, Game of the Bridge.
  • Luminara of Saint Ranieri: buildings lining the Arno river, and bridges are illuminated with the flames of over 70,000 lumini, small glass candle holders.

Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics

European Championships Fitness & Hip Hop

Some of our Shopping & Glamour ideas

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