October is the month of the food-related festivals, including the famous white truffle festival in Alba as well as other truffle festivals in central Italy, the best-known Perugia’s EuroChocolate.  Aside from food festivals, if you are more of an art and history lover, October may be the best month to go around for the beautiful archaeological sites like The Foro Romano, in Rome city centre, or Ostia Antica, near Rome or Pompeii and Herculaneum near Naples. This month offers interesting cultural events across the country, but it is also the harvest period and the opening of the wineries where you can taste great wines like those in Tuscany (Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino…), in Lombardy (Gotturnio, Barbera, Sassella), in Piedmont (Nebbiolo, Barolo, Dolcetto D’alba), in Veneto (Amarone, Refosco, Valpolicella). All and each to add an unique charm to any vacation in Italy.

Fairs & Exhibitions & Events

Alba Truffle Fair (mid October through mid November)

Torrone Festival: Cremona claims to be the birthplace of torrone, Italian nougat. 

International Accordion Festival is a huge gathering of accordion players and includes concerts and workshops.

A taste of the Tuscan rural life of Chianti area and the chance to meet the winemakers, and learn about their vineyards and wineries.

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Fairs & Exhibitions & Events

Genoa International Boat Show

Palio di Rioni: the festival is known as iron race horse

  • Weekend Woman
  • Expo Training
  • Made Expo
  • EXPO 2015

Sarga del Tordo: a tournament among the 4 neighborhoods of Montalcino

Rome Film Festival

Perugia’s EuroChocolate:  the town is completely packed with chocolate demonstrations, sculptors, and vendors.

Sagra della Castagna: there are actually many festivals dedicated to chestnuts in Italy.

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