VIP Travel

Vip Travel: that little bit extra

provided by Italy Creative DMC

The VIP Travel division guarantees to executives an extraordinary travel management. Recommend the best hotel choice, ensure you get the preferred room type requested, or coordinate a meet and greet service for you. We can arrange the dinner reservations at the best restaurant, organize a special tour or the cocktail in a special location if requested. Our staff is at your disposal to make changes, process cancellations, and complete bookings to ensure that you can focus on your business, stress-free.

Our comprehensive, dedicated VIP Special Services consultants cater to the unique needs of executives and senior management. Employing a high-touch, concierge approach, our VIP travel goes the extra mile to assure a preferential treatment.

Our unique approach to VIP travel service includes 24/7  support for travelers worldwide all year long.

What We Are Offering

professional travel services for corporate clients

Services around you

The ideal solution for those whose agenda is fit of lots of activities or job meetings. It will be our task to supply logistic organization, taking care of transportation, drivers, distances for transportation, and all necessary add-ons assuring that all lays within the best standards with respect of the estimated timetable, allowing our customers to concentrate only on the purpose of their stay itself, whether business or pleasure.

Our commitment to VIP Concierge services takes the hassle out of VIP travel with an array of services

Our VIP Travel expertise means that the effectivly managing VIP travel is predicated upon an understanding of the value of time of our VIP clients. We are responsible for ensuring that the expectations of our VIPs are met as they travel. Our success is your success.

VIP services are designed to ensure that your top executives and important travelers are comfortable and productive during their travel itinerary. Our role is attuned to the needs of VIP travelers, anticipating problems and finding custom solutions that appeal to our clients’ sensibilities.

The right configuration at your service

Your nonstop VIP travel expert to:


  • seek out “best possible” hotel accommodations and rental
  • make arrangements for limo services to/from airport
  • offer a dedicated vacation agent to handle personal travel needs
  • build the journey around you

Special: videomaker service

Italy Creative can also provide a professional videomaker to accompany you and capture your dream travel, event, workshop, team building experience, incentive trip, backstage. The video is delivered on DVD or USB as your recall.

Understanding the value of your time

Your non stop VIP travel expert to take care of:


  • Luxury Car & Limousines Rentals
  • Private Car service
  • Chauffeur & Airport Parking Service
  • Private aircraft and yacht charters
  • Private & Chartered Flights
  • Cruises & Sailing
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Tickets to the theatre, concerts and sporting events
  • Golfing & Sports
  • Tee times
  • Private & Chartered Flights
  • Cruises & Sailing
  • Floral services
  • Spa & Relaxation Breaks
  • Special Interest Leisure & Recreation
  • Tailor Made Itineraries
  • Surprise Birthday Drive
  • Corporate Golf Days
  • Private Canal Cruise
  • Dinner Parties
  • Major Sporting Events
  • Day at the Races

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