Charming Venice & Verona

Charming Venice & Verona

Discover some of the most charming cities of northern Italy on this 6-day tour: spend time in Venice, visit the three Lagoon islands (Murano, Burano, Torcello), explore Verona (the city that inspired Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’) and then Valpolicella, land of the famous wine Amarone.

Six days tour

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 day | Venice 

Meet Italy Creative Staff at the airport. Transfer by private motorboat to the deluxe hotel in Venice. Dinner and overnight.

Gondola experience | italycreative.it


 day | Venice

Continental breakfast. Meet with the guide in the lobby and city tour of Venice admiring the most important monuments: St. Mark’s Square, the Basilica and the Doge’ s Palace. Lunch in a typical restaurant in Venice. In the afternoon the tour continues with a stop by the typical “wine bars” (bacari) where to enjoy the real venetian atmosphere with a glass of wine and one “cicheto” (Venetian word to say “appetizer”). The day ends with the dinner based on local products in one of the romantic restaurant of Venice.

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The island of Murano became famous in 1291, the year in which the glass production was transferred here from the old city center due to fear of fires in the kilns.

Burano is one of the prettiest islands in the lagoon: it is a miniature Venice where all the houses are painted in bright colors. Burano is famous for its lace work, an art carried out since the sixteenth century and which is famous worldwide.

Torcello is an extremely romantic and charming place. Venetians love to go there once in a while as they are attracted by its calm and the greenness of the island. Unlike Murano and Burano, Torcello is practically uninhabited and still has a lot of archeological proof of its glorious past.

Burano | italycreative.it


 day | Lagoon islands

 Continental breakfast and departure by private watertaxi sailing on the Northern part of the Lagoon of Venice. You will visit three of the most charming and romantic islands around Venice.
Murano, where you see the production of Murano Glass
Burano, which is probably the most unique of the three with its multicoloured houses and famous for its lace school, where the art of making lace is still teached by the last artisans.
Torcello, which was used to be the most ancient village of Venice with its Byzantine Cathedral has been built and where you will be able to admire its beautiful mosaics. Lunch in a typical restaurant in Murano. Dinner and overnight.

Murano | italycreative.it


 day | Venice & Verona

Continental breakfast and departure to Verona. Sightseeing of Verona famous as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this enchanting Veneto city has gained UNESCO status for its collection of monuments. On a guided walk, pass top Verona attractions like Piazza della Erbe and Juliet’s House, the setting of the world’s most romantic story and see the balcony where Juliet was serenaded by Romeo.

Lunch in a typical restaurant in Verona. Afteroon shopping time.Dinner and overnight in Verona.

Verona | italycreative.it

Verona Arena | italycreative.it


 day | Verona & Valpolicella

Continental breakfast and departure to visit a Factory of Amarone’s Wine for an unique experience: tasting of the famous wine and learn about the techniques of production directly from the producers. Lunch inside the factory, with local products and wine. Return to Verona and time for shopping. Dinner in a  suggestive location. 

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 day | Verona (or Venice)

Continental breakfast and departure to Verona or Venice airport.

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The Venetian language

Venetian is a Romance language spoken by about two millions people mainly in Venice and the surrounding area and also in Trieste, Croatia, Slovenia, Mexico and Brazil. The language is more closely related to French and Spanish than it is to Italian. When Venice was an independent Republic (between the 9th and 18th centuries), the Venetian language enjoyed considerable prestige. However literary Venetian lost out to the Tuscan dialect, which became the national language of Italy.

English vèneto (Venetian)
Welcome Benvignùo

Benvegnù / Benvegnesto (sg-m)

Benvegnùa / Benvegnesta (sg-f)

Benvegnùi / Benvegnesti (pl-m)

Benvegnùe / Benvegneste (pl-f)

Hello Ciao!
How are you?

I’m fine, thanks. And you?

Come xeƚa?

Come vaƚa?

Stago ben, grassie. E ti?
Long time no see Quanto tenpo che no se vedemo!
What’s your name?

My name is …

Che nòme gasto?
Me ciamo…

Gò nòme …

Where are you from?

I’m from …

De dove (indove) sito?
Vegno da…

Sò da …

Pleased to meet you Piasser de conosserte!
Good morning Bondì / Bongiorno
Good afternoon Bondì / Bongiorno
Good evening Bona sera
Good night Bonanote
Goodbye Adìo
Good luck Bona fortuna!
Cheers/Good health! Saƚute! Cin cin!
Have a nice day Pàsite na bèƚa xornada / Pàsite na bona xornada
Bon appetit Bon apetito!
Bon voyage Bon viaxo!
I don’t understand No capisso! No go capio!
Please speak more slowly Parla più lento par piaser

Parla più lento par cortexìa

Please say that again Dime da novo, par piaser

Dime oncora

Ripèti(me) par piaser

Please write it down El pol scriverlo? (frm) Ti pol scriverlo? (inf)

Scrìveƚo (sg) Scrivéƚo (pl)

Do you speak Venetian?

Yes, a little

Pàrlistu venesian?
Si, un fià
How do you say …

in Venetian?

Come se dìselo … in venessian?
Excuse me Scuxéme (pl) Scùxeme (sg) El me scuxa
How much is this? Cuanto cósteƚo? Cuanto cuesto?
Sorry Scuxéme (pl) Scùxeme (sg) El me scuxa
Please Per piasser
Thank you


De niente / Gninte
Where’s the toilet? Dove xeƚo el bagno? Indove xeƚo el bagno?
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything Sto sior el paga par tuto (gentleman)

Sta siora ƚa paga par tuto (lady)

Would you like to dance with me? Vustu bałar co mi?
I love you Te vògio ben
Get well soon Guarissi presto
Ƚàsime in pase! Ƚàsime in paxe! Va via!




Al fogo!


Call the police! Ciama ea Poissia! Ciama ła Poissia / łe guardie!
Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year

Bon Nadal e bon ano
Happy Easter Bona Pasqua
Happy Birthday Bon compleano / Tanti auguri
One language is never enough Na ƚengua soƚa no ƚa xé mai bastansa
My hovercraft is full of eels


El me “hovercraft” el/’l xe pien de bisati

El me barchin el/’l xe pien de bisati

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