Creative Ateliers

Our experts:

Our experts are Art Therapists, with a Master in Art Therapy, with interests in both in art and social activity. They are touched by the curiosity to experiment, the desire of research for different techniques and the love to help express oneself through artistic materials during the Ateliers of Art therapy classes. They have pleasure to share their passion with the partecipants.

Creative Ateliers

For Expo Milano 2015  Italy chose Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life as its central theme.
In line with the theme of the Expo, we have created these workshops  which reflect some features of  Expo’s theme.

The canvas as a place to show, share and negotiate ideas, sensations and feelings of the individual and the group. Tap, learn, experiment and transform what yuo feel through the use of colors in the multiplicity of materials as a key to understand and recognize emotions: “learn to give a name to what one feels”.

Is an original Team Building activity that allows each participant to bring out the creativity and imagination shaping fruits and vegetables. It becomes essential to know how to shape and transform different elements of taste, color and shape in order to achieve new qualitative and innovative solutions.

Create with your team original art or reproductions of famous works by using new materials and recovery, original techniques and innovative and creative solutions.

The Theatre Company aims to combine art and business by applying the typical methods of theater in education, organizational, communication and promotion inside companies. The theater company is in this context as a mean of innovative training that gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their behavior in a light form, but at the same time a great impact.

discover the artists view of the pleasures of wine followed by a creative atelier

Creative Ateliers Experience

Art therapy can be considered as a time, a place, a language, helping to learn about ourselves and enhance our abilities. The course is for all those who are curious about discovering more about who they are and how to best nurture their creativity and expressive abilities.

The use of materials and the graphic-plastic techniques properly guided by the Art therapist, helps developing the social process and to implement a more creative environment. Hands-on educational experiences that can be used both personally and professionally to encourage new ways of thinking and responding to difficulties.

Corporate Art Therapy
More and more companies became aware of how investment in well being and mental health is good for the bottom line ROI.
Our Ateliers can be designed to focus on objectives ranging from stress reduction and relaxation to team building and developing creativity in the workplace. We can design topics around business and education needs on a wide variety of subjects, specialized to any audience. Each Atelier includes hands-on art experiences to provide participants with the opportunity to use alternative approaches to communicating ideas and problem solving.

Individual | One-to-one Art Therapy
Not only companies may benefit of the Art therapy, but also individuals and small groups of friends or affinity groups. We shaped different levels and types of Ateliers that are suitable for anybody who wishes to approach this wellness form of therapy.

Location of the Ateliers can be determined according to the request and we can conduct them at any designated location in Italy. We shall be happy to create a tailor made Atelier for your Art Therapy hands-on!

One day Art therapy Experience

The course will be structured as an Atelier during which participants experiment hands-on benefits thanks to the art.


Activities vary depending on the customer and the work environment, but may include:

  • assessment of the needs of the customer through listening and providing guidance;
  • work creatively with different groups of customers in a therapeutic setting;
  • work in a group or one-to-one setting, often as part of a multidisciplinary team of professionals;
  • allow customers to explore their art work and the process of its production;
  • assess and understand the feelings or temperament of others;
  • constructively challenging the behavior and attitude of customers;
  • planning, designing and facilitating a program of activities with individuals and groups;




At the conclusion of the course, the attenders will realize that he had begun to walk a stretch of road just re-exploring it in a creative way, and to appreciate the value and the power inherent in such a process, to each according to their characteristics and their desire for involvement, will open to the discovery of the subject’s inner self and the personal and creative way to express it.


Addressed to: anyone who is interested in Art therapy.

From small groups up to a maximum of 20 attenders.


Materials used for the hands-on Atelier: cards of different sizes and materials to recycle, pencils, ruler, acrylic paints, ecoline, brushes, sponge, PVA glue, photocopies, scissors, cutter, crayons, scotch in paper, plastic sheet. Camera. Other materials for personal projects. Glasses and disposable plates.

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