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Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance. – Gianni Versace

The perfume is a distinctive sign and tightly linked to the fashion. Italians have been making fine perfumes for centuries and the history of perfume has long roots in Italy that is still the world’s epicenter of exclusively designed scents and hand-made perfume products to this very day. When looking for a one-of-a-kind scent, Italy is still an umissable place to go. As with all the excellence of Italy, even the perfumery is closely linked to the craft tradition, to those creators of Italian perfumes. Italian luxury perfumes increasingly focus on the personalization by mixing fragrances to your liking to create an essence sewn on, like the most natural of clothes. What you will get is not just any perfume, but the perfume that makes it unique. In the precious drops are concentrated memories, dreams, unforgettable days.

In a luxury Italian perfume atelier right at the very heart of old town and trendy Milan, during the exclusive and private Glamour Perfume experience you will learn about the captivating history and tradition of perfume-making, how to identify and mix scents, and guide you through the creation of your own unique Italian fragrance, prepare a custom perfume during the guided workshop with a true master in the perfumery art. More over the amazing shop, the extraordinary fragrances and the packaging, including the Murano Venetian craftsmanship, makes this experience unique and intriguing. This once in a lifetime experience to realize something nobody else has, highly personalized. You will learn how to identify and describe a perfume, the scent of Italian purest charm.

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Glamour Perfume experience in Milan

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The Glamour Perfume experience is on day-2.
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