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Since you are in love with the Italian language, together with our experts we have selected for you few ideas we believe are suitable for you.

Are you in love with the Italian language?

We like to think you are interested to learn Italian and wishing to speak it to get the most of your Italian stay or using it to enjoy a culinary class experience, a museums’ tour or take a shopping tour without worring about the language. Our courses are personalized for learners of all ages, for private, educational or professional reasons, and levels of competence with flexible schedules. During the lessons you will learn communication skills in a variety of everyday situations.

We have designed two solutions to fit both those who are already in love with the Italian language as well as those who are starting to fall in love with the Italian language!

Pick-up your Italian course!

Together with our experts we have selected for you few ideas to study and discover the beauty of the Italian language while travelling, enjoy and learn at the same time. You can choose a different language course outside the traditional classroom! In a friendly atmosphere, with professionalism and passion, we organise courses of Italian language and culture!

Travel diary (medium level)

The tour is a tailor made experience structured according to your knowledge and skills, you will walk through the most important events of Italy’s history, with Italian speaking guide and an interpreter speaking your language. During the tour you will learn about the  culture of wine, food and participate in a cooking class, where you will can speak Italian to the chef and to cook,  a real culinary and linguistic challenge! The tour generally lasts from 7 to 10 days but it can be customized as well.

The test? Write you travel diary (rigorously in Italian!) and share your experiences!

Life & Culture (advanced level)

Cultural courses are run by teachers who are professionals, have experience in a specific sector or have passion for artistic or food-related fields. The cultural itineraries are focused on the great Italian excellence, such as cuisine, history of art, fashion and folklore. You’ll  study the history of the Italian art visiting the major Italian art cities such as Florence, Siena, Rome, Venice, where art and history are at home. You’ll enjoy historical towns and the most important museums and marvelous  castles.

Final test? Write a hort essay about your Italian experential Life & Culture course.

Challenge quiz (advanced level)

Hotel quiz:  it is held in your hotel and based on a real examination of the Italian language and culture, the best score wins  will allow to proceed to the next level of the quiz. The entire quiz is based on the Italian language  and Italian curiosities.

City quiz:  you will be provided with maps, compass and a brifing to help you discover monuments, places of interest, hidden locations or treasure all around the city. Small teams will share the challenge  helped by the explanation given throughout the stay.

Speak Italian experience

Italian is a language of culture as it’s the language of Dante, bel canto and opera. It’s the language of great artists, painters, poets, writers, philosophers. It’s also the language of the Pope, being the official language, along with Latin, of the Vatican City.
Italian is a musical, open and diverse language, so that learning italian is easier and even more enjoyable. But Italian is also the language that comes with made in Italy: fashion, food and cars. All this is synonymous with quality, style and joie de vivre. Italian is La Dolce Vita.
Italian is an important part of Italy, a country full of art treasures, landscapes, and magic. Speaking Italian is a resource if you want to grow culturally and professionally. The destination of a journey is never a place, but a new way of seeing things and this experience will help you find that it is true.

Are you starting to fall in love with the Italian language?

Are you starting to fall in love with the Italian language?  The best way to learn Italian is to get involved! The courses we designed for you are considering this aspect and you can choose among the three levels as well as the duration from 1 week up to 4 weeks. We wish you get the best and the proposed solutions have been carefully selected by our experts for you among the most fascinating places and locations in Italy where to learn Italian and enjoy  every minute of your stay.

You’ll learn and live the Italian language and culture through an extraordinary and unique experience.

Pick-up your Italian course!

Together with our experts we have selected for you the most fascinating places and locations in Italy where to learn Italian and enjoy every minute of your stay. Italian courses for learners of all ages and levels of competence. Tailor-made programs and flexible schedules.

After attending one of these courses you’ll be able to say: siparlo italiano!

Espresso (basic level)

This Italian language course is for those who want to learn Italian language in the shortest possible time, for those who are starting to fall in love with the Italian language or needs to learn it for business reasons. The course is designed to satisfy your language and communication need and can be agreed in advance according to specific language needs.

Italy in love (medium level)

An intensive language training for people who want to make a significant improvement in speaking and understanding and require  tailor made language and culture lessons. The classes are carefully designed for your current level of Italian, your individual interests and for your job requirements.

Parlo italiano (advanced level)

The intensive Italian language course is designed to develop communication skills and vocabulary, weekly progress tests to give you feedback on how your Italian is improving. The Italian culture lessons concentrate on some of the most typical aspects of Italian society using authentic material (television and radio programmes, news). The tour will guide students to discover the most fascinating areas of the city where the course is hold. Furthermore, the language workshop develops language skills by putting them into context through group games and activities that propel students to communicate in real-life situations.

Extra courses & Outdoor program & Cultural activities

Learn Italian with efficacy and fun! A wide choice of culture courses and extra courses (cooking, wine & food, ceramics, diving, hiking, golf, ect) together with a weekly social and cultural activity program. Experience Italy, the Italian culture, art and cuisine and Joining our courses gives you the chance to appreciate and love Italy.

Italy has the greatest number of works of art and you have the chance to discover the best-known works. You will learn the Italian language, its grammar and expressions through the art of Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Leonardo  and have the opportunity of discovering the meaning of their works.

The course is designed for those who have a passion in Italian cinema. The course aims not only at providing knowledge of contemporary Italian cinema, but also at improving the student’s general knowledge of the Italian language on the basis of the didactic principle that the things that interest us are much more easily assimilated.

The goal of this course is to enhance students’ competence both on the subject matter and in the practical skills necessary to produce good communication about food and wine. Students will be able to take advantage of hands-on practice with different kinds of media.

Italian fashion has no rivals. Italian clothes, accessories, shoes are the dream of many. This course is a journey through this world of glamour and luxury. You will learn Italian language through the lives and creations of the designers who have made Italian fashion unique and famous.

The course deals with the industrial design from its origin to more recent times and gives the opportunity to analyze the most famous creations with a focus on current Italian design and its contemporary development in space and architectural design. The course will also analyze concepts of form, series, type, standard and system, in relation to the developments dealt with in the course.

The aim of this course is to study themes related to food, the relationship between food and culture in Italy from prehistoric times to the present. There will be explored common settings in the Italian literature related to food and the connection between food and music will be explored from many angles.

Opera is one of the most appreciated and popular manifestations of Italian art. This is a course for all opera’s lovers who want to learn Italian language by using the most famous arias as the primary learning source, studying Italian using opera’s librettos, listening to the notes of Puccini, Mascagni and Verdi.

There is no doubt that Italian cuisine is the best in the world. This course with has the aim of teaching the language through cuisine. Grammar topics will be studied by using texts, oral understanding and readings referencing the world of cuisine. Recipes, flavors, aromas of Italian cuisine represent the means to learn Italian language.

This course will walk you through the processes that go behind making the different kinds of wines and broaden your wine vocabulary and get good tasting techniques.  You’ll also learn about the different classifications related to the georaphical place of production:  PDO (Protected Designation of Origin); PGI (Protected Geographical Indication); TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed).

A general introduction to Italy and Italian food and wine with an emphasis on regional traditions. Traditional foods include foods that have been consumed locally or regionally for many generations. Food and nutrition from historical, political, economic, cultural, and culinary perspectives, contemporary issues, the Mediterranean diet success and their cultural signification.