Grappa & Wine itineraries in Veneto

Grappa & Wine itineraries in Veneto

Italy Creative | Grappa & Wine itineraries in Veneto


tasting the best authentic traditional Italian grappa and wines in veneto

Exclusive itineraries to visit some of the temples of Veneto’s winemaking tradition and enjoy the luxury of taste the finest fruits. The tour will be easily accessible by car with private driver, at your disposal for the entire duration of the escursion. You will not have to do anything but relax and prepare to savor the nuances of one of the most beautiful Italian regions.

The tours that we propose combine the visit to the distilleries and cellars with the visit of some of the famous Venetian villas in the area. The tour can be split in stages to better savor the experience of the places through the beauty of the villas, the taste of wine and grappa and the Venetian culinary art.

This proposal and the suggested itinerary are based on one of the areas that are worth visiting. There are many other available routes. All our itineraries are personalized and enriched according to the needs of our customers.

The visit to the distilleries tipically includes the visit to the stills of the distillery, the bottling room and aging cellars followed by the grappa tasting. The visit to the cellars includes the visit of the wineyards and cellars follone by the wine tasting. All tastings are accompanied by the typical local snacks.


Zanini Distillery
Bassano del Grappa
Distillery Poli
Distillery Nardini
City tour
Distillery Capovilla


Valpolicella Cellars
Amarone Cellars
Reciolo Cellars
Soave Cellars
Breganze Cellars
Colli Berici


City tour including Juliet’s home

Montecchio Maggiore
Villa Cordellina – Molin – Marzotto – Lombardi
Villa Lorenzoni – Bettale – Bonazzi
Villa Loschi – Gazzetta


Maize, rice, beans, potatoes, salt cod and a host of seasonal vegetables are the main ingredients of Veneto cuisine.

Besides, Veneto has seven products identified by brand protection: radicchio (the Red one from Verona, the Red one from Chioggia, the varied one from Castelfranco Veneto, the Red from Treviso); asparagus (including the renowned white ones from Bassano that the rarest delicacies in Italy and from Cimadolmo); beans, especially those of Lamon, in Belluno, the basis of the typical pasta and fasioi.

Many fundamental ingredients of the Venetian cuisine are: potatoes, wheat, corn – its most well-known form ‘polenta’ -, and the rice, of which the IGP labelled Vialone Nano Veronese is the most famous, sugar beet.

Typical dishes: baccalà mantecato – creamed cod (salt cod fish from the North, made creamy and mild), sarde in saor – sweet and sour sardines (typical Mediterranean sardines preserved in vinegar and onions, one of the oldest recipes from Venice), risi e bisi – rice and peas (perhaps the most typical dish of Venice), fegato alla veneziana – liver Venetian style, the pastissada de caval – horse meat stew (where horse meat is king), poenta e osei – polenta and small countryside birds, gran bollito padovano – great Paduan boiled meats (typical courtyard meats), risotto polesano – risotto from Rovigo, tiramisù (Treviso).

The most famous wines are: Valpolicella Amarone, Bianco Custoza, Soave Recioto, Torcolato Breganze and Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG; and the most known grappas: Nardini, Poli, Brotto, Domenis, De Negri.

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