Venetian Theatrical tour

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The fascinating venetian history of Commedia dell’Arte

This theatrical itinerary includes two parts: a narrated and a performed by actors of a venetian theater company.

The tour is exciting walk through the narrow streets, lanes, venetian courts and foundations  of Venice while you’re narrated the Masks’ history and the history of the Commedia dell’Arte. The walk ends with the performance of a theatrical representation, inside an authentical venetian court, a true improvised comedy.

An unusual tour to learn and love the ancient Venetian traditions and its characters: Arlecchino (Harlequin), Brighella, Pantalone, Colombina, the Innamorati, Pulcinella, Scaramuccia (Scaramouche).

Venetian Theatrical tour

The Venetian Theatrical tour shall introduce to the magic and glorious Commedia dell’Arte (Comedy of Craft), a form of theatre characterized by masked “types” dated around the 1500’s and  based on improvised performances based on sketches or scenarios. Its name is due to the very creative ability of improvisation.

The Commedia dell’Arte theater is still the most famous Italian theatrical art abroad and is considered as the point of origin of the modern theater.

The most important reasons that have made this kind of theater timeless are the invention of “professionalism”, the introduction of the female figure on the stage, the use of masks and the transformation of the èlite theater (erudite comedy) in a popular theater (theatre performed in the city’s squares).