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Amazing landscapes and delicious food

There are over a dozen of towns spreading across a strip of land kissed by the sun and declared by UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the most important are:


Amalfi is the town that gives its name to the coast, is situated at the mouth of the Valle dei Mulini.


This beautiful and charming town situated at the mouth of the Valle del Dragone, is a natural amphitheater on the sea, offerpicturesque views and the pleasure to spend relaxing momentsmake shopping,  away from the mass tourism and very close to the beach.


Furore is also known as “the town that doesn’t exist”, for its urban layout characterized by scattered villages surrounded by terraced vineyards.


Positano isone of the best known places of the Amalfi coast for its picturesque staircases, whitewashed houses following the natural course of the mountain and creating a vertical landscape.


Ravello has been already praised by the Italian poet Boccaccio in his Decameron, well known for the yearly Ravello Festival, is one of the oldest and most renowned festivals in Italy, and the  two beautiful villas: Villa Rufolo and its garden from which a gorgeous panorama dominates the coast, and Villa La  Rondinaia, formerly residence of Gore Vidal.

Amalfi Coast: a perfect Gourmet vacation

One of the most popular and beautiful coastlines of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is the perfect place for a gourmet vacation. Located in the Campania region (house of the bufallo mozzarella), the area is rich in local produces like anchovies and eggplants but, most of all, is well-known for its famous lemons and of course, for the Limoncello  – the typical lemon flavoured liqueur.

The Amalfi Coast is so popular and highly rated, and the reason for that is its fantastic food: great fish, pasta or just coffee are all the better while one enjoys the overlooking beautiful coast and sea.

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