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Glorious Olive Oil

The Olive Oil tour includes visits are guided by the producer / owner of the mill to oil mills in the most popular areas of extra olive oil production, accompanied by tastings of local products. Visits and tastings of extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil Museums

  • OLIVE MUSEUM – Flli Carli Imperia (Imperia)
  • OLIVE MUSEUM – City of Trevi
  • ETNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM – Ortonville (La Spezia)
  • OIL MUSEUM – Garda Lake
  • OIL MUSEUM –  Cisano Bardolino (Verona)
  • OLIVE MUSEUM – Torigiano Fondaz. Lungarotti
  • OLIVE MUSEUM – Magliano Sabina (Rieti)
  • OLIVE MUSEUM – Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa)
  • MUSEUM Montefoscoli – Pisa

OIL MUSEUM – Loreto Aprutino (Pescara)

Northern Italy

Northern Italy produces a fairly pronounced flavor, fruity, and the yellow-green light; Liguria, in particular, has a delicate flavor with an oil color from golden yellow to light green.

Central Italy

Central Italy has variety of oils accentuated by the scent and taste, with color from golden yellow to deep green, oils with high content of unsaturated ac.oleico and most report / saturated than the south.

Southern Italy

Southern Italy and the islands produce oils taste and full flavor and firm, marked with yellow and deep green, ac.grassi greater proportion of saturated and unsaturated ratio / saturated between 5 and 6.

Oil, Food, Wine Museums

In Italy there are quite a number of Gourmet Museums dedicated to the Food or Wine and they open their doors to reveal us the history, the traditions and the flavours of typical products from an authentic territory where taste and quality are part of life. The Oil, Food, Wine Museums Tour includes a selection of the best museums  for each topic of Italian cuisine.

We can organize guided tours, wine or food tasting moments, events, dinners, lunch for groups or individuals in selected museums dedicated in different regions of Italy.

Emilia Romagna – Museum of Prosciutto di Parma: The museum develops into eight thematic sections composed of photographs, historical documents, machinery and audio – visual equipment. It ‘also possible for visitors, a tasting or a lunch of typical products of Parma to complement a selection of wines from the Colli di Parma at the Prosciutteria.  Inside the Museum, we can visit Pasta Museum (the history of pasta Barilla), Museum of Parmiggiano Reggiano.

Piemont – Barolo Museum: Italy’s most innovative wine museum, as well as one of the world’s most important. It is located in the Barolo Castle, a stunning structure which dominates the small town. A perfect location to organize special events, or romantic dinners.

Campania – Pizza Museum in Naples, the birthplace of pizza, and in 2014 founded a museum dedicated to it, in all of its flavors.

In more regions we can visit Oil Olive Museums and vinegar farms.

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