Peck’s flavours

The flavours of a time by Peck

Peck Delicatessen is known in town as the “gastronomic jewelry” for its ability to offer the best products in the same way as traditional Milanese and international pearls of taste and sight. Saying “Peck” in Milan is like saying “Fauchon” in Paris.

Since 1883 when Mr. Francis Peck decided to open the laboratory and workshop in Via Orefici, to offer “sausages and smoked meats German type”, he made of Milan the “Mitteleuropa” capital of the eating well. Milan with its Gallery, the electric light, the first Department Stores in Italy … and with the people of Milan who, when have the choice to eat well, they were ready to buy refined and exotic foods.

Nowadays the same flavors of a time … are not too far away!

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