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Italy: an extrarordinary experience with Italy Creative DMC

  • Shopping & Glamour

    Our Shopping & Glamour brings together a selection of Italy's best offer: Food & Mode, Shopping & Relax, Outlet, Peck, My Fashion Show, SPA collection.

  • Holiday of the month

    Holiday of the month in Italy: choose the month and enjoy! Our travel experts have highlighted our favorite places to visit each month.

  • Get started!

    Let's get started! Help us to match you with Italy's best travel solutions! Italy Creative offers you this free service! Take advantage of our travel experts! If you are not wishing to fill out this form, you can still drop us a line!

  • Leisure Travel

    We are convinced that everyone should try our itineraries, enjoy our creative projects and share our love for Italy. Italy Creative is specialized on tours tailored for companies, but also for groups of friends and individuals.

  • Art & Design

    Italy is famous worldwide for its history, artistic masterpieces, fashion, literature and for the tasty food and excellent wine. Art& Design is a showcase that Italy Creative designed for you. You can choose among the special and unusual itineraries and tours to enjoy the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, the traditional venetian masks and Commedia...

  • Creative Ateliers

    Tailor made Atelier for your Art Therapy hands-on!

  • Italian Special Events

    In Italy there are lots of events, rich of traditions, history, colours..... Each of these events is a mix between the present and the past waiting to be discovered, enjoyed and admired. Choose one or more and come to Italy. But if you wish to learn more, then visit the page Holiday of the Month...

  • Land & Sea

    Land & Sea are uniques experiences to transform your luxury travel in an extraordinary chance to enjoy the best of Italy!

  • Culinary Ateliers

    Cooking, tasting wine and more… our culinary ateliers are all hands-on and not just boring theoretical classes! Everyone gets involved in the making of the meals so everyone can learn and have fun.

  • Italy Creative Itineraries

    Italy Creative Itineraries With Roman ruins, Renaissance art, the Alps, Venice and naturally the chic shopping, it’s not surprising that Italians called their homeland "Il Belpaese" (beautiful country). We have projected few Italy Creative itineraries as samples of those we...

  • Luxury Travel

    A luxury trip to Italy organized by Italy Creative is an exclusive journey that is not at the fingertips of all, a trip which means perfection and dream. Most important is the exclusivity of services offered, from choosing the best destination to hotels, transport, restaurants and all accessories services.

  • Speak Italian experience

    Italy Creative have designed two solutions to fit both those who are already in love with the Italian language as well as those who are starting to fall in love with the Italian language! We like to think you are interested to learn Italian and wishing to speak it to get the most of your...

  • EXPO 2015

    If you're planning to visit Milan and Italy in occasion of EXPO 2015, we shall be pleased to organize your stay and visits to the main sites. We have studied the most interesting itineraries, hotel accomodation and the exclusive limousine service with chauffeur and accompanied by qualified staff. These itineraries are thought as flexible modules...

  • Food & Mode

    Food & mode by Gucci Museum | Do you like Florence? Do you Like Mode? Do you like Food? Welcome in Gucci Museum, top of the most glamour restaurant in Florence.

  • Wine & Food

    Italy Creative's experts of food and beverage will create a customized wine & food itineraries with versions predominantly for food or for beverage, according to your demands and the season.

  • Fancy Ideas

    During your Italian trip we can realize any Fancy Ideas you might dream, to make unique your trip in Italy! Choose your fancy idea and enjoy it! There is a world of possibilities out there and our aim is create the best luxury, fancy, extraordinary, creative idea for you ! We are Italy Creative! Just...

  • Fashion Tours

    Italian Fashion Tours Italy and Fashion are an indissoluble union. Fashion is in the Italian DNA and has always been an important part of Italy’s cultural life and society. The most...

  • Golf in Italy

    Playing golf in Italy is an experience you will never forget! We can organize you special Golf Itinerary in one of the most suggestive places around Italy.

  • Tailor made Travel

    A tailor made means that the entire holiday is designed around your requirements. The tailor made travel is therefore designed with those services to let you benefit of multiple or just a single service during your journey in Italy. We have gathered here all the unpacked services that you need and we shall be pleased...

  • About us

    Italy Creative is a DMC agency operating since several years and is the original brainchild of experts of tourism and of other fields who were involved in this project where the made in Italy is the main objective and the love and passion for Italy continuosly feeds this project. Our mission is to provide excellent...

  • Personal Shopper

    There is nothing better than a shopping experience in Italy. Our Personal Shoppers are available to make your life more pleasurable.

  • Incentive

    The Incentive travel is a journey during which the Company performs the result of a year’s work and the creation of a new marketing campaign: is an investment both in terms of economic and relationships.

  • Events

    Italy Creative has a skilled, proactive, creative and tuned staff to meet the needs and requirements of the customer. Helping our clients to embrace the history and culture of Italy, they enjoy the our professional, hardworking team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that help achieve your event objectives.

  • B-side EXPO

    B-side EXPO Milano 2015, Italy Creative offers you lots of hints so you will wish to travel around Italy and not just stop just Milan!

  • Ateliers & Courses

    A selection of ateliers and courses …Italy Creative has decided to dedicate this space to different ateliers & courses strongly tight to the Italian culture, gastronomy and art.

  • Made in Italy

    Made in Italy: an extrarordinary experience with Italy Creative DMC.

  • Lake's Treasures

    The treasures of the Lake Maggiore are Art and Nature and the numerous castles and museums recording the history and culture are standing in a beautiful natural setting by the lake or in the nearby mountains and hills. The climate is mild in both summer and winter, producing Mediterranean vegetation, with many gardens growing rare...

  • Art & Coffee

    A journey through Italy worth a visit of these places that have made the history of the Italian coffee and made it famous all over the world. We want to share with you all this and have designed a tour including the most famous historical Italian coffee shops & literary cafés where you can enjoy...

  • Magic Memorable Museums

    A selection from more than 4500 Italian museums for you Although Milan is not full of museums like Florence and Rome, the northern city does have its share of fine museums, which include the famous...

  • Venetian Theatrical tour

    The Venetian Theatrical tour shall introduce to the magic and glorious Commedia dell’Arte (Comedy of Craft), a form of theatre characterized by masked “types” dated around the 1500's and based on improvised performances based on sketches or scenarios. Its name is due to the very creative ability of improvisation.

  • Italian Design tour

    If your passion is the design and more specifically the Italian design, then our Italian Design Tour is for you! Italy is recognized as being a worldwide trendsetter and leader in design and has produced some of the greatest designers in the world in all domains. Italy is recognized as being a worldwide trendsetter and...

  • Leonardo da Vinci: the genius

    This new Leonardo da Vinci Tour will take you on an emotional journey through the magnificent scenery and landscapes that provided the inspiration for Leonardo's work, from Tuscany to Vinci to Milan. The tour includes the places where are preserved some of Leonardo da Vinci's works and masterpieces.

  • Oil, Food, Wine Museums

    The food, wine, oil museums tour includes a selection of the best museums for each topic of Italian cuisine. In Italy there are quite a number of Gourmet Museums dedicated to the Food or Wine and they open their doors to reveal us the history, the traditions and the flavours of typical products from an...

  • Food, wine, truffle and relax

    The Langhe region is famous for its vineyards but also for the white truffle and the hazelnuts. Do not forget the fantastic cuisine and dishes that make this region one of the most famous from the culinary point of view.

  • Tuscany: land of Chianti

    Italy Creative's top-quality service is able to meet the specific needs of our customers on this Tuscany: lands of Chianti Tour. Our guided tours will take you through the rolling hills of Tuscany, to discover the best wine-producers in the area. In the vineyards and cellars, you will be able to find out about the...

  • Tour with Sommelier

    Why choose Italy Creatives' Tour with Sommelier? Because you'll have the opportunity to visit the best wineries where you'll enjoy wine tasting with the best ratio between wine and food, choice of food and wine combination, a different wine for each course, opportunity to participate in a vintage (depending on the season ), ability to...

  • Catering & Restaurant Selection

    Coming to Italy? No way to avoid the Italian food while you are on holiday in Italy! Why should you? There's no reason! So you better prepare yourself to taste the delicious specialities of each region you're travelling through but keep an eye on a number of restaurants so exclusive that you will remember for...

  • Amalfi Coast Gourmet vacation

    One of the most popular and beautiful coastlines of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is the perfect place for a gourmet vacation.

  • Gondola luxury compilation

    Piazza San Marco is the principal public square of Venice. All other urban spaces in the city  are called "campi" (fields). The Piazzetta is an extension of the Piazza towards the lagoon in its south east...

  • Fairytale nights

    A district consisting of 1030 trulli, including the ‘trulli siamesi’, characterized by a double facade, a double pinnacle, a low hearth, and no windows. Aja Piccola: a borgo made up of a network if...

  • Exciting landscapes in Helicopter

    An extraordinary, adventurous, incredible and exclusive panoramic tour to admire the exciting landscapes of Sicily is what our Etna helicopter overfly tour gathers.

  • Ballooning over Italy

    Ballooning over Italy can be an unforgettable experience and an original gift idea at the same time! Take a ride for a stunning view of Italy’s beauties.

  • Luxury Charter Yacht

    A relaxing exclusive cruise around the Mediterranean sea aboard a luxury charter yacht is a different way of travelling.

  • Dolomites Luxury Experience

    Dolomites luxury experience is made of charming chalets, luxury hotels, relaxing SPA… you can find an unique and exclusive dream in a fantastic land.

  • SPA collection

    You can enjoy the sophisticated and refined ambiance of wellness in each SPA of the SPA collection.

  • Peck's flavours

    Peck Delicatessen is known in town as the "gastronomic jewelry" for its ability to offer the best products.

  • My Fashion show

    We can help you planning receptions, open-days and events, in Italy and help you choose the perfect location for your tailor made Fashion show.

  • Outlet

    The suggestion is to go shopping for swimwear, accessories and fragrances, take advantage of coming to Sardinia or in any other of the top Italian destinations,  to fill the bags with exclusive items, perfumes and trendy sunglasses ! We can offer the Personal Shopper services during...

  • Contact

    Contact us! If you wish to drop us a line, please contact us ! We shall be happy to answer you in the shortest time possible. We shall answer you for any query or request you may have.

  • Romantic wedding

    There is more than one reason to have Italy Creative’s wedding team to organize your romantic wedding: focus on the details, share of little secrets, give exclusive tips, suggest logistical hints, guide to trendy styles, fresh and innovative ideas.

  • Luxury Tours

    Italy Creative's Luxury Tours brings together a selection of Italy’s best offer, among which you can choose.

  • Sacred & Mystic

    Sacred & Mystic contains a number of travel ideas to discover Italy’s beauties beyond the usual tourist routes. Discover the historic centers and spiritual sites cities like Perugia and Assisi; have a look to Rome not only for his art treasures but also as an immense, monumental set reconstructed in the studios of  Cinecittà; walk...

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Unforgettable Top Italy Attactions

  • Lasagne alla Bolognese

    Lasagne alla Bolognese is one of the most popular dishes of Emila-Romagna. It has a long history and once you eat it you'll remember it!

  • Valentine's day in Italy

    Valentine's day in Italy

  • Grappa & Wine itineraries in Veneto

    Grappa & Wine itineraries in Veneto: exclusive itineraries to visit some of the temples of Veneto’s wine and grappa tradition.

  • Garda Lake for all your events

    Lake Garda for all your events. The most Mediterranean of the Alpine Italian lakes, is the ideal place to enjoy: beauty, food, wine, nature, and art.

  • Golf Clubs in Liguria

    Coming in Liguria you'll discover a mix of culture, beauty, flavours and fun between the land and the sea and a great place to play golf.

  • Golf Clubs in Puglia

    The golf lovers can enjoy the best of Puglia thanks to the beauty of the landscape and the exclusive golf venues, taking advance of these sunny lands.

  • Golf Clubs in Veneto

    The Veneto Region is an ideal destination for many pursuits, and golf lovers may be surprised to know that the answer to their passion just awaits them.

  • Golf Clubs in Sardinia

    Sardinia is the perfect venue for all golf lovers! The golf courses in Sardinia are among the most beautiful in Italy. The beautiful contrast to the bright blue skies and the green golf courses makes of Sardinia one of the best places to play golf or to pick up a club for the first time.

  • Golf Clubs in Lombardy

    Lombardy is the right place to play golf. It’s the Italian region with the highest number of golf clubs,nearly seventy well distributed in all the provinces. There are famous and ancient golf clubs and perfect to start playing both in beginners-friendly clubs and exclusive ambiences.

  • Golf Clubs in Tuscany

    Tuscany is not only rich in art, history, culture, tradition, fabulous scenery, great food and superb wine but has also some of Italy's finest golf courses.

  • Villa Balbianello

    The loggia affords a beautiful view of the majestic lake: on the one side, you can see the Tremezzina area, which opens out onto the heart of the lake, whereas on the other you can gaze at Comacina Island. Villa del Balbianello,...

  • Villa Melzi d'Eril

    Villa Melzi d'Eril in Bellagio was built in neo-classical style by architect Giocondo Albertolli in 1808–10 as the summer residence of Duke Francesco Melzi d'Eril, who was vice-president of the Napoleonic Italian Republic. The park includes an orangery, a private chapel, fine statues,...

  • Garda Lake

    Lake Garda, the most Mediterranean of the Alpine Italian lakes, is located in between the provinces of Verona, Brescia and Trento.  The lake's shore is studded of villages, small towns, Roman settlements, medieval fortresses, imposing buildings and noble villas. With its Romanesque parish churches, its Baroque-style churches and its sanctuaries, with its monasteries and...

  • Stresa, Borromee Islands and Mottarone

    The Borromee Islands are a group of three small islands and two islets in the Italian part of Lago Maggiore, located in the western arm of the lake, between Verbania to the north and Stresa to the south. Together totalling just 50 acres (20 hectares) in area, they are a major local tourist attraction for...

  • I'm falling in love with Portofino

    Portofino is the ideal destination for a dream vacation, an unforgettable holiday, an exclusive event, a romantic wedding, a prestigious meeting or incentive in the fascinating atmosphere of the Italian Riviera. Prestigious hotels, quality restaurants and a wide choice of proposals for sport, nature, culture,  sea holidays, and entertainment. It is impossible not to...

  • Charming Venice & Verona

    Discover some of the most charming cities of northern Italy on this 6-day tour: spend time in Venice, visit the three Lagoon islands (Murano, Burano, Torcello), explore Verona (the city that inspired Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’) and then Valpolicella, land of the famous wine Amarone.   1° day | Venice  Meet Italy Creative Staff at the...

  • Tuscany, land of the Renaissance

    Tuscany, land of the Renaissance: an extraordinary itinerary to discover Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, San Gemignano. Get yourself lost on these ancient streets, palaces, squares or walking the vineyards on the green rolling hills …we shall find the way to make your journey a timeless trip to remember.   1° day | Florence:  Meet Italy Creative...

  • San Siro Stadium

    The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, commonly known as the San Siro stadium, is a football stadium located in the San Siro district in Milan, Italy.

  • Rome is Love

    Rome in love is a tour we designed to let you discover the eternal city and lots of other hidden corners of Rome and surroundings. You can't than fall in love with this city! This tour is made of passion, deep knowledge of best itineraries and desire to make you love and remember this...

  • Sicily, island of happiness

    Sicily, island of happiness: a fascinating tour to discover ancient history and traditions. There is no other island so rich of culture, art, traditions, excellent food. The beauty of its seashores is incomparable and the day-to-day life is so involving that will remain in your memories for a long long time. [vc_text_separator title="Seven days tour"...

  • Campania, the food is passion

    Campania, the food is passion is an excellent way to dive into most authentic everyday Italian life. Besides the characteristic architectural beauties and the spectacular beauty of these lands, you'll enjoy the ingenious and flavoursome and full of passion food of this beautiful region of Italy.   1° day | Naples:  Meet Italy Creative Staff at the Airport and...

  • Emilia Romagna, food and joy

    Emilia Romagna is a mix of  beauty for  the eyes, earthy colors, aromas and the fresh sea air.  It is our Emilia Romagna, food and joy itinerary! Not to mention that is also a hotbed for music (names such as Antelami, Correggio, Parmigianino, Verdi and Toscanini made their mark here), cinema and art. Longest...

  • Castello di Miasino

    Castello di Miasino is a striking construction of XIX centyry, set in 60,000 square meters of botanical park, 568 m above sea level. Thanks to its privileged position, the castle itself offers a natural setting of rare beauty, overlooking Lake Orta offering a splendid view over the island of Orta...

  • Villa Pestalozza

    Villa Pestalozza is a beautiful villa of the late '700, elegantly restored by its current owner, Donna Giulia, in respect of the harmony between the park and historic houses.While the other lovely rooms of the villa, are perfect to create elegant lounge...

  • Rocca di Angera

    The extraordinary Angera Fortress rises imposingly on a rock spur, reflecting its crenelated walls in the sparkling waters of the Lake Maggiore. The Angera Fortress offers its guests wide outdoor spaces and imposing interiors. The castle historical rooms have a 350 people...

  • Maggiore Lake

    Lake Maggiore is a large lake located on the south side of the Alps. It is the second largest lake in Italy and largest lake of the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Lake Maggiore is the most westerly of the three great prealpine lakes of Italy, it extends for about 70 km between Locarno and...

  • Villa D'Este

    The Villa d'Este, originally Villa del Garovo, is a Renaissance patrician residence in Cernobbio on the shores of Lake Como, northern Italy. Both the villa and the park which surrounds it have undergone significant changes since their sixteenth-century origins as a summer residence...

  • Villa Serbelloni

    An outstanding 19th century villa surrounded by age-old trees and flower beds. A magnificent backdrop for a very special day. The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is one of the oldest and most elegant hotels in the Lake Como area and the only 5...

  • Villa Olmo

    Villa Olmo is an imposing neoclassical residence of the end '700. The giant tree that gave its name to the villa no longer exists, but the Italian garden to the front and landscaped gardens at the back are full of old trees and...

  • Como Lake

    The villas Villa Carlotta (Tremezzo) Villa d'Este  (Cernobbio) Villa Serbelloni (Bellagio) Villa Olmo (Como) Villa del Balbianello (Lenno) Villa Melzi d'Eril (Bellagio) Lake Como is a lake of glacial origin. The lake is well known for the attractive villas that have been built there since Roman...

  • Cinema Museum

    The Museum is more than a museum and whoever enters it isn’t just a visitor but also an explorer, an author, an actor, a spectator… to whom the Museum offers the emotions of an experience we hope won’t be easily forgotten. The National...

  • Eataly

    A visit to Eataly in Milan is an unique experience. Eataly is the high-end Italian food mall chain which first opened in Turin, Italy, in January 2007, today there are 12 Eataly all over Italy and also  in New York; Chicago, Japan,...

  • Golf Clubs in Sicily

    Sicily is a charming holiday destination and has beautiful golf courses. For those seeking deep relaxation the golf clubs in Sicily are exceptional.

  • Golf Clubs in Piedmont

    Piedmont offers plenty of activities for a great holiday: rolling hills covered with rows of vineyards, cypresses, stippling coloured brush strokes perfectly sympathetic with medieval and baroque buildings, The region also boasts a remarkable choice of cultural events ranging from classical music concerts to jazz-festivals and local festivities, often held in the enchanting setting of...

  • Reggia di Caserta

    The Royal Palace of Caserta (Reggia di Caserta) is a former royal residence in Caserta, southern Italy, constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples. It was the largest palace and one of the largest buildings erected in Europe during the 18th century....

  • Amalfi Coast special tour

    Furore is also known as "the town that doesn't exist", for its urban layout characterized by scattered villages surrounded by terraced vineyards. The town's name derives from the praia, or beach, from the Latin word pelagium, meaning "open sea." Praiano...

  • Quadrilatero della Moda

    Shopping tour: On board of a luxury limousine a personal shopper will accompany you to the most important shops and suggesting  the perfect shopping. Lunch in luxury restaurant in the centre of Milan. Fashion tours Quadrilatero della moda (‘The Quadrilateral...

  • Wine Tasting

    Italy is the land of wine almost all Italian regions has one or more wine production and you can taste the finest wines Italy has to offer. Italy Creative organizes private ultra-luxury wine tours in the most beautiful regions of Italy as one of the best...

  • Castello di Vincigliata

    Vincigliata Castle (Castello di Vincigliata) is a medieval castle which stands on a rocky hill  in Tuscany. It was once the ancient stronghold of the Visdomini family, important Florentine nobility since the 11th-century.  In the mid-nineteenth century the building, which had fallen into...

  • Florence: showcase of arts

    You may take our private tour of an otherwise off-limits wing of the Uffizi containing the Contini Bonacossi collection of Renaissance masterworks; shopping the leather stalls of the San Lorenzo market or the fashion boutiques around Via Tornabuoni, the luxurious linens of Loretta Caponi...

  • Confetti

    The confetti were not just for ceremonial use, they were real sweetmeats made of candied fruits, or, as we learn from a manuscript of 1504, with almonds, dried fruits, aromatic seeds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, or cinnamon, covered with a hard coating of sugar. ...

  • Piazza del Campo | Siena

    Siena may have had earlier Etruscan settlements, but it was not a considerable Roman settlement, and the campo does not lie on the site of a Roman forum, as is sometimes suggested. It was paved in 1349 in fishbone-patterned red brick with ten...

  • Carnival Masks

    Short history The Venetian propensity for hiding behind masks was legendary: a rigid caste system coupled with ample opportunities for indulging in a host of vices made anonymity very desirable in an overcrowded city where detection was otherwise unavoidable. In the 13th century a...

  • Murano Glass

    Glassware Team Building The activity is available in three different typologies: Introduces to the fundamental techniques of flat fusing. The cutting, assembling and firing of simple glass objects. Realization of the first elementary glass objects, performed first by hand and then with the...

  • Gala Dinner

    The dinner is organized following the typical Venetian style, taking care of all the details, following the same theme, the Carnival. The dinner  ends with the dancing and the award ceremony of the two most beautiful masks. A beautiful location to celebrate the journey in...

  • Castelli Romani

    Touring Castelli Romani on a vintage Fiat 500! Have you ever thought to see Rome on board of a vintage Fiat 500? We organize special tours of Rome or Roman Castles on a vintage Fiat 500. The tour starts with the brifing with...

  • Panforte

    Panforte, literally, panforte means "strong bread" which refers to the spicy flavour, is a traditional Italian dessert containing fruits and nuts, and resembles fruitcake or Lebkuchen. It may date back to 13th century Siena, in Italy's Tuscany region. Documents from 1205 show that panforte...

  • Vacanze Romane

    Itinerary • Via delle 4 Fontane (Escape from the Palazzo) • Piazza della Repubblica (On the drinks truck) • Via dei Fori Imperiali (The meeting with the journalist) • Via Margutta (The journalist’s house) • Fontana di Trevi | Trevi Fountain (The hair-cutting scene) • Piazza di Spagna | Spanish Steps (The...

  • Via Veneto

    Via Veneto is one of the most famous and expensive streets in Rome. The official name is via Vittorio Veneto, after the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. Federico Fellini's classic 1960 film La Dolce Vita was mostly centered around the Via Veneto area. [space...

  • The Spanish Steps

    The Spanish Steps (Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti) are a set of steps in Rome, climbing a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti, dominated by the Trinità dei Monti church at the top. The...

  • Via Condotti

    Via Condotti (officially Via dei Condotti) is a busy and fashionable street of Rome. In Roman times it was one of the streets that crossed the ancient Via Flaminia and enabled people who transversed the Tiber to reach the Pincio hill. It begins...


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