Team building


Why Team building it’s important

  • Want to generate new ideas and success strategies to increase your growth?
  • Need to improve the ability of your team to succeed in a fast-paced environment?
  • Need to break down silos and improve cross functional team work?

Team building theme examples

Based on our experience, there are differents theme that reflects the challenges and opportunities of the real business environment is a great way to tie everything together. Each theme can drive and shape the recreational components and not just building team building around an activity just because it sounds “cool”!

Taste | Experience inside the  Local Culture

cooking classes, wine, pizza, typical food, cocktail challenge, theatre experience, truffle hunt, green life, cake design, slow food

Perform | Challenge and action

sailing boat, Ferrari experience, Monza race, team sailing, CSI, survival test

Feel | Art & Music

music race competition, drumming, painting, fashion, movie

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Team building

How to choose the Team building

Recreations and Breaks are considered real Team building, but what does real Team building look like? At first we have to set the context. In the business environment,  employees are members of interdependent teams. In many instances, teamwork is required to produce results and results are not generated by individual workers operating independently.  Work groups and  teams go through predictable phases of development. Team building can help teams navigate these phases.

What really identify the Team

There are some key factors that identify a team, regardless the business sector, and they all lead to shape a team. These key factors are: enthusiasm (of your job), interest (to company’s mission), share (the culture of the company), fit (the team). Members of a team needs to share all these key factors to be a real work team.

Creative Team building solutions

It’s important to outline that, based on destination city and traveler’s requirements, we shall propose a choice of the most suitable Team building solutions.  We are not only organizers of creative journeys but also high-level Team building events, tailor made.

Our Team building solutions integrate expert business facilitation with recreational team challenges to break down barriers, stunning venues, and group activities. Each solution will be expressed through a theme, chosen according to the needs. The result?

Your team will return to work energized, invigorated and with real  tools and strategies to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Special: videomaker service

Italy Creative can also provide a professional videomaker to accompany you and capture your event, workshop, team building session, incentive trip, backstage. The video is delivered on DVD or USB as your recall.

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