Murano Glass

Murano Glass

Glassware Team Building

The activity is available in three different typologies:

Introduces to the fundamental techniques of flat fusing. The cutting, assembling and firing of simple glass objects.

Realization of the first elementary glass objects, performed first by hand and then with the use of clamps using rods of different colours and sizes.

Glassworking in the fournace helps to acquire familiarity with the basic techniques of hot processing of the glass.

Murano Glass & Team Building

We have created a Team Building activity to combine leisure and training course taking place in a  famous Murano glassware where participants are teached to create glass along with glass master in a glass laboratory. It is an unique experiences to escape the routine and liberate your creativity.

The participants are divided into groups and will be given the necessary time to the realization of the object followed by the master glassmaker. The object to create may be the Company’s logo or a symbol related to its activity.

Lunch or dinner in one of the  typical Venetian restaurants with menus that reflects the tradition of Venice.

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