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Portofinolocated on the Italian Riviera, is a fishing village and upmarket resort famous for its picturesque breathtaking, half-moon shaped harbour and the historical association with celebrity visitors. Portofino became famous in the 1950s with the song “Love In Portofino”. Portofino is one of the shooting locations of the 1995 Antonioni / Wenders film, Beyond the Clouds.

A great way to extend your trip beyond the time you are allotted is to bring some regional specialities home with you. The amazing selection of wine (much of which is grown in nearby Cinque Terre) is ubiquitous in the city center of Portofino, as well as many gourmet food items like cheese and dried meats.

It is also well worth it to take time to explore the Portofino shopping scene. Lace making, which has long been an institution in Portofino, is alive and well, artisans also craft various works of art from slate and jewelry is another favorite commodity in the city.

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