Riso di Baraggia

Riso di Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese “La Baraggia is a hard, difficult land, and in some respects impossible. But rice [...]


Gorgonzola “A wholly Italian cheese with an extraordinary flavour. A gastronomic delicacy found on tables throughout the world.” [read more] [...]

Riviera Ligure

Riviera Ligure  "The Riviera Ligure Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) Extra Virgin Olive Oil production area extends across the entire [...]

Salva Cremasco

Salva Cremasco “Salva Cremasco, a cheese with a providential name, the offspring of an ancient Italian tradition” [read more] Catering [...]

Aceto balsamico di Modena

Aceto balsamico di Modena “Since time immemorial, balsamic vinegar has represented the culture and history of Modena” [read more] Emilia [...]

Nocciola di Piemonte (hazelnuts)

Nocciola di Piemonte (Piemonte's hazelnuts) “Whether alone or with chocolate, the PGI Nocciola Piemonte is an Italian resource of such excellence that it [...]

Chianti classico

Chianti classico "This is a land of ancient traditions, civilised in ancient times, first by the Etruscans and then the [...]