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Italy is famous worldwide for its history, artistic masterpieces, fashion, literature and for the tasty food and excellent wine, that makes  of Italy an obvious attraction as a gastronomic destination. In all regions you can try different traditional food and wine, based on the succession of different events of the historical events.  Italian cuisine has assimilated important influences from Etruscan, ancient Greek, ancient Roman, Byzantine and Jewish.

Italian cuisine is characterized by an extreme simplicity, the basic ingredients are oil of olives (olio d’oliva), onions, tomatoes, garlic, pepper, flour. With these ingredients are the well known Pasta and Pizza, delicious dishes based on fish and seafood and many others. Cheese and wine are those mostly used in the italian in fact Wine Tasting Experience Tour is based on  these two ingredients. We can organize special Wine & Food itineraries in any part of Italy, each with many different details. The basic principles of Italian coking and the rich and varied regional cuisine, ranging from rich dishes using maize, beef and butter in Lombardy, to light seafood specialities on the coast, to the saffron and other spices that signal Arab influences in Sicily makes of the italian cuisine one of the most appreciated worldwide.

Italy Creative’s experts of food and beverage will create customized wine & food itineraries with versions predominantly for food or for beverage, according to your demands and the season.

You can have an exiciting Italian food and wine holiday, gourmet tours, cookery courses and wine tastings, ice-cream making and vineyard visits. Tours are shaped to be increasingly flexible, moving from week-long  with hands-on lessons and visits to local markets, vineyards and producers, to drop-in courses lasting anything from a morning to two or three days.

Courses  are often set in rural villas or towns, considering the destination based on your interest to learn about a specific region’s cuisine. As part of the course  you’ll have free time to visit local towns. Some cities and regions are more known than others for their gastronomy: Bologna, Parma, Sicily or Piedmont, coastal area such as Amalfi for fish and seafood, Tuscany, Umbria, Piedmont, Lazio, Le Marche and the Veneto and they are more requested and rated.

It is not just food or wine, it’s mostly a way of living. 

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